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Focusing on What Matters The Most

Kimberly L. Copeland & Associates is proud to provide our clients with the legal services they need and deserve.  Our law firm is proud to serve Wayne county and the surrounding areas of southern Georgia.  Our firm employs only highly qualified and experienced team members who are trained in the areas in which we work. 

We provide quality representation in the following legal areas:


When we set goals, we attain them. It’s what we do! 

Our firm attentively provides every client with singular service and the best possible result. When you visit us, we promise you our undivided attention as well as the most cost-effective and efficient service we can offer. Because we value your business and referrals, we always aim for a favorable outcome to your legal problem. Often, we negotiate with the other party to reach a reasonable settlement. However, we always prepare to go to trial and fight for your rights.

Experience Team

Our team recognizes the value of experience and knowledge, so during our careers, we have aggressively pursued experience and continued education. The result is a team that knows your legal rights and will work hard to protect them. We are always up to date on changes in the judicial system. 

Providing quality representation is our number-one goal.  Too many times, people get stuck in legal matters with the wrong person on their side. Whatever you are facing, you can be sure that our law firm will provide professional representation and exemplary assistance throughout the process. 

Because we come to each case as a team, we all contribute our experiences to find the best way to fight for you in your situation. If you choose to work with us, then our legal team will work tirelessly to help you. Contact our law firm today at (912) 530-7317 to discuss your legal problem and discover how our law firm can help you.